Does Structured Data Markup Help Website Ranking?

Published 10/16/2019

Search engine optimization is more complex and confusing than it ever has been. There are a greater number of ranking factors than ever before. There is also a lot of confusion regarding what does help to enhance a website’s search engine placing and what doesn’t. One area where there has certainly been a lot of discussion is when it comes to structured data markup. With that being said, read on to discover exactly what this is and whether or not it impacts website ranking.

What is structured data?

Google and other search engines work very hard to determine what the content of a page really means. You can help Google by providing the search engine with explicit clues regarding the meaning of your page. You can do this through the inclusion of structured data on your website. Structured data is a standardized format for providing information regarding a page and classifying the content of a page, for example, if this were for a recipe page, then it would be things like the calories, cooking temperature and time, and the ingredients too.

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